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The Canning Kitchen : Beer Hive Grainy Mustard

The first thing I ever canned was homemade pasta sauce.  It was work but I loved it.   We basically had enough tomato sauce to last an entire year.  It was awesome.   Unfortunately up until this past month I haven’t tried canning anything else.  Canning does run in both my families though.  Both sides of my family make their own relish and my mother in law also makes her own pickles.   My wedding favour was actually two mini jars of relish one from each side of the family.  It was pretty neat.   That is something I love about canning it seems to be a family tradition.    Secret recipes passed down for generations, that people go nuts over.

Canning can seem pretty daunting at first though.  Don’t be afraid,  buy this book.

This book has such a variety of recipes; jams, jellies, pickles, relish, mustard, preserves, sauces and more.   The recipes are straight forward and simple.   As stated in the title they are small batch sizes.  Most recipes are about 5-7 jars, varying from 1 cup to 2 cups, so you don’t need to go buy bushels and bushels of fruits and veggies to tackle these recipes.   At least not until you are ready to triple these.    It’s a great book to open you up to the possibilities of canning without getting overwhelmed about canning.  
Since getting the book I have tried Dill Pickles and the Beer Hive Grainy Mustard.    Both of which are sitting in my pantry, while I patiently but anxiously wait for them to be ready for consumption.   A co worker and I have some smoked sausages on order, so we are ready for that mustard. 
My list of recipes to try over the next two months includes her Pasta Sauce, Smoky Peach Barbeque Sauce, Salted Caramel Pear Butter, Strawberry Balsamic Jelly and a Four Orchard Chutney.   Doesn’t that all sound amazing?!
Lucky for you, there is a chance for you to win this book along with a $100 gift card to Canadian Tire to get yourself decked out with some canning gear to get you started.  

Good Luck and remember #YESYOUCAN!

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